Preparing Your Office Move

Whether moving to downtown Phoenix or just next door, halting your business to move offices can be a daunting task. Between moving files, upgrading hardware, and everything in between, moving offices can lead to large interruptions to your business if you are unprepared. Here are a few Tips for Preparing your Office Move.

Tips For Preparing Your Office Move

Here are some tips to help your office move go as seamlessly as possible:

  1. Plan ahead: Think things through, and make a checklist. See Moving-In Checklist: Many things homeowners should do right away. How much do you have to move? How much “down time” do you think you will need? Get your ducks in a row! When will cubicles be set up? When will your office be routed for internet?
  2. Get Help: Hire a Phoenix moving company. Save yourself a lot of time and energy by having someone else do all of the work. Use it as an opportunity to go out of town—take a vacation as Phoenix’s movers do the work!
  3. Upgrade: New space, new equipment. Take the big move as a chance to upgrade equipment. Take advantage of any free upgrades that may come with switching technologies.
  4. Save Everything: Make sure all of your electronic files are saved and backed up. Make sure all of your hard files are well protected and that you know where everything is. Moving doesn’t have to be horribly difficult, but whether you are planning on hiring a team of office movers or are going it alone, make sure all of your files are well protected!
  5. Plan for Down Time: Even if you are moving over the weekend and have coordinated everything for a quick move, anticipate some extra down time. Things inevitably go wrong or get misplaced, so it’s important to you, your team and your customers that you anticipate for the unexpected. If you are moving over the weekend, for example, consider stretching into Monday to work out any kinks that may arise.

It’s always a good idea to hire a team of professional movers. If you are in the Phoenix area, it makes sense to hire a team of Phoenix movers, such as Arizona Home Moving.

Safe and affordable, Arizona Home Moving has is a great moving company in Phoenix that can help your next office move go flawlessly! Call 602-497-0502 to schedule your moving date.

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