Safely Moving Furniture

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No matter if you are moving a short distance, be sure that you’re safely moving your furniture to avoid physical injury. Using simple moving techniques to move awkward, or heavy furniture is the key to success to safely moving furniture. Think smarter, not harder, and use your head. Not your back and spine.

Carrying Tall Furniture And Other Home Items

Do you have a dresser that is too awkward to move with a moving dolly, or shelves that will easy tip over and hurt someone? Make sure you’re not independently moving furniture that requires two people. A two-person move can make the difference when it comes to your health and safety. Centering the weight of an object while moving will keep the item from swinging out of your control. Also, be sure to be agile and carry your furniture at the appropriate angle on slopes or stair units.

Moving Dolly, Shoulder Dolly Or Movers Straps

We highly recommend purchasing straps if you plan to move your own furniture. A shoulder dolly for example can be strapped to one or two men and used to center and balance your furniture. This type of strap forms to your major muscles and lets you use your hands to maneuver around awkward corners and stairs. This can be tricky but is recommended at the least. Be careful going up-stairs using a shoulder dolly, because the weight will fall back to the person at the lowest angle.

Use straps! To strap down your furniture to your body & moving truck.

Use lifting straps that can be adjusted for your furniture moving and personal needs. These can be great for flat surfaces in Arizona moving. You can also purchase hump straps from your local hardware store or online at a website like Amazon. Make sure you take every precaution safely moving furniture. Look for lifting straps that can be adjusted for different-length objects as well as for different-size movers.

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