Moving Boxes & Storage

When moving and relocating, it’s true that Moving Boxes & Storage will be on the top of your priority list.

Moving Boxes & Storage

New Moving Boxes & Storage | When Buying Boxes

We know many of you first time movers will not think about cost of cardboard while planning your budget for moving. We am here to tell you when it comes to packing supplies money can be spent quickly. Your local storage or moving company will have boxes you can purchase. We know U-Haul has 150 pieces set for around roughly $450.00. Yes, and that much money for some cardboard and tape We know.

Buying Moving Wardrobe Boxes:

There are a variety of wardrobe boxes that can be purchased and they are worth every penny!

If you are lucky enough to find used wardrobe boxes buy as many as you may need measuring in your head closets in your current home with the size you have available to you. Using Wardrobe Boxes is a quick way to pack a closet with minimal wrinkles to your clothing. We also like to use the bottom of a wardrobe box for large light items such as bathrobes, sweaters, and sweatshirts.

Tip: When packing clothing and linens it is a good idea to place a dryer sheet in each box to keep your clothes and linens smelling fresh and clean.

Buying Dish Barrel Boxes For Moving:

These particular boxes are specify designed to hold they weight of everyday dishes and often come with corrugated dividers for your plates and bowls. If the dividers don’t come with the Dish Barrel Boxes you can substitute with rolled foam that you can cut squares to size and place in between your packing paper wrapped dishes then stack gently with foam roll squares between the dishes forming layers. Also, always keep in mind the weight of the box…as someone will have to carry it and the easier it is to carry the less chance of it being dropped and contents broken.

Small Moving Boxes:

These can be great for your basic household moving & packing needs. These types of boxes work best for CD’s, Books, and Tools, and  can hold quite a bit of weight and in my experience stack really well.

Medium Moving Boxes:

This type of box works really well for home office items, children’s toys, and kitchen items.

Large Moving Boxes:

Large moving boxes are usually used for larger odd shaped items that don’t weigh a lot such as lampshades, stuffed animals, plastic ware, and electronic equipment.

Extra Large Moving Boxes:

These big boxes “Extra Large Moving Boxes”, are generally used for Winter Linens, Towels, and Furniture Pillows and other items of this nature that need secure packing and moving.