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Based in Phoenix, Arizona, we provide local as well as cross-country moves. We also specialize in moves for the mature consumer. We’re local Phoenix movers.

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Special Services
Our experienced team will go to your house, pack everything, load it and move it to your new location.  There we will unpack everything, and arrange and decorate your new dwelling.  All this without requiring you to be present at either place.  When you arrive at the new location all you will have to do is walk in. This is a “Turn Key” service.

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Working with the Elderly for Moving
We have extensive experience moving the elderly. It  can be unsettling to move from a familiar house to an apartment. We understand the problems that  can arise and work to make the move to a new location as peaceful as possible. 

If you are moving your parents, there is no need for them to handle heavy boxes.

If you have concerns, please call us.

And if you have not yet done so, please check Moving Companies AZ

Moving Companies AZ is a free service providing seniors and their families with elder care options, information and resources. Utilizing the expertise of a team of geriatric professionals, Moving Companies AZ assesses the senior’s status, evaluates their options, and offers comprehensive recommendations to address their needs.

At Moving Companies AZ, they understand how challenging this time can be. Their goal is to ensure that your loved one is cared for with dignity in a comfortable environment that meets their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. The knowledgeable professionals at AZ Moving Companies will be there every step of the way to help coordinate the care of your loved one.

Large or Small Job – Local or Across the Country
Based in Phoenix, AZ, we move many people locally as well as cross-country.  Our small trailer is ideal for apartment moves.  We also have larger equipment for the bigger jobs.  Please call us with your needs and requirements at 602-497-0502.  We have something that will fit the job.

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