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Arizona Discount Movers

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Today We wanted to talk about Discount Arizona Movers. The idea behind portraying a business as a discount anything is not new. It’s a great way to create customer interest because it projects a discount right from the start.

Discount Moving Trucks in Arizona

The practice of suggesting a discount right from the start is my biggest issue. Exactly what part of your service are you discounting? Are you discounting the moving help, the fuel or the moving truck? Discounting a moving truck is a feasible reality. If you’re dealing with someone who has been in business for awhile and owns their own fleet of trucks then a truck discount is acceptable.

Discount Moving Help

If you’re discounting the labor then We am scared. Can you really trust your belongings to someone who is getting paid next to nothing? We don’t know about you but it wouldn’t be my first choice. Any legally sane person would likely turn the other way and run if they knew their moving help was discounted. We have to believe that labor will not be a discounted part of their service.

Discount Movers in Arizona


How about fuel for their trucks? Seriously! In this day and age Budget Movers with fuel prices going up and world supply going down. How can any prospective customer really believe that they’re going to receive a fuel discount? You can bet your hard earned dollar that a fuel cost is in the total sum you’re paying your moving company.

It has to be. There’s just no way that a local moving company can just absorb the cost of fuel, especially if you’re moving from the northwest side of Phoenix to the southeast valley such as Gilbert or Apache Junction. That area spans 70 mile or more, and you expect me to believe that we’re not being charged for fuel for a moving truck that gets 10 miles to the gallon on the highway with a tail wind.

The Discount Movers in Arizona

We am not insinuating that any of the Arizona Moving Companies who portray themselves as discount movers aren’t quality, affordable movers. We am however reminding you of the fact that businesses are in the business of making money.

A business must make money to stay in business. Please don’t let the thought of receiving a discount be the deciding factor when evaluating movers for you and your family. After everything is said and done it’s really your life that’s being moved, and that is too important of a detail to be discounted.

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